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  • Our Mission

    The Citrus Heights Chamber, a unifying force for business, government, education and community involvement, is recognized as a vital resource for businesses in the Greater Sacramento Area, committed to promoting economic prosperity.




    Government Issues


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     Gina Anderson 


    Vice Chair


         Art Starkovich

    Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)















    Government Issues Meeting meets the first Thursday of each month from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the Regional Water Authority Office, 5620 Birdcage St., Citrus Heights.


    The purpose of the Government Issues Committee is to advocate for business in general and the members of the chamber in particular. When an issue is presented before the committee both sides are examined, consensus is reached and a recommendation is forwarded to the Board of Directors to take a position. In general the Board of Directors accepts the recommendation however, on occasion, they have taken a different position or requested the committee do additional research before the chamber forwards a public statement of support or opposition.

    The voice of Citrus Heights business at the city, county and state levels; working with the city to accomplish common goals.  The business advocate for business friendly legislation through:

    • Participation in Local Business Issues
    • Coalitions / Partnerships
    • Land Use and Transportation
    • Legislative Bill Review






    Political Action Committee



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    Meets periodically for the sole purpose of candidate endorsement.  Serves under a separate set of by-laws than the Chamber of Commerce.  Majority of 15 (PAC) board members must be from the Chamber Board of Directors.


    Another aspect of government issues is the Political Action Committee (PAC). This body operates under a separate set of bylaws from the chamber. Its Board of Directors consists of 15 people, half of whom are members of the chamber board and the balance of whom are chamber members at large. The PAC meets as necessary to interview and endorse candidates for public office from the city level to the state level. In addition, the PAC funds the campaign of most candidates it endorses. The funds come from voluntary contributions paid by chamber members when they renew their membership. Contributions to the PAC can be made at any time. Any member interested in serving on the PAC can contact Renee Larscheid at the chamber office for more information.